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>Catalogue? Real? Imagined?


Here’s a clipping of the Hunchback Assignments being featured in the HarperCollins Canada catalogue. I always enjoy seeing the catalogue because then I can finally go, “whew, they weren’t kidding, they are going to publish it.” You never know–it might be an elaborate joke, right? Right? Or is the catalogue part of the joke?


If it is a joke they really have done their homework. That’s the main page up there. It looks real, doesn’t it? I mean there’s even an ISBN number and a blurb. Then again…did people land on the moon? Does anyone know for sure…

There are lots of other authors in the catalogue. Including these.


Oh, these look great. Of course I’m a big fan of Susan Juby and of Kenneth Oppel (though they no longer let me in their houses, no matter how long I lurk). And isn’t that a lovely cover for John Marsden’s new book? How about Barb Haworth-Attard’s Haunted? Now that cover creeps me out…in a good way. And Rachna Gilmore’s cover makes me crave dilly bars, but like I always crave dilly bars. Mmmm. I’m going to devour that book. And there’s also Tish Cohen’s new book. Little Black Lies. Intriguing title. It makes me wonder…hmmm…is this really a catalogue? Or are they all in on the prank. Are they laughing now?


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